Resume resources built for teachers

Are you struggling with translating your skills for a job outside of the classroom? I've worked with an expert resume writer with 10+ years to develop resources built specifically for teachers. This course will help you learn how to ensure your resume is getting noticed and showcasing your true potential as a qualified candidate.  

What's included in this mini-course?

All of the resources found in Module 4: Building Your New Resume from the Teacher Career Coach are included in this resource. If you have purchased the Teacher Career Coach Course, you do not need to purchase this resource as you already have access to these materials.

  • A video module to walk you through everything you need to know about turning your teaching experience into a new resume.

  • Printable templates to help you brainstorm all of the career accomplishments you can use for a wide variety of job applications.

  • Resume examples built by an expert resume writer with 10+ years experience specifically for this course!

  • From the Classroom to Corporate: our expert resume writer translates examples of classroom lingo into corporate friendly applications that will showcase your transferable skills !

This mini-course is taken from my signature program:

If you are looking for the more in-depth support to help you through your career transition, this may be the better option for you!

  • 4 payments of $39 = $156

    4 payments of $39 = $156Teacher Career Coach Course

    Four monthly payments to help you get started ASAP on identifying your new career path, writing your transition resume, interviewing, and more!
    I'll take the smaller payments!
  • $149.00

    $149.00Teacher Career Coach Course

    One time payment at a discounted rate for access to all of these resources.
    I'll take the discount!